Maturity Assessment

About Maturity Models

What is a Maturity Model, and why use one?

The use of a maturity model allows an organisation to have its methods and processes assessed according to management best practice, against a clear set of external benchmarks. Maturity is indicated by the award of a particular “Maturity Level”. Maturity level assessment of an organisation’s programme and project management will provide the following benefits:

  • A known Maturity Level, with precise recommendations on how to improve.
  • Ability for organisations to compare their Maturity Level with other organisations, or other parts of their own organisation.
  • A big improvement on self-assessments.
    – A consistent set of questionnaires and scoring.
    – Independently verified and certified.
  • An independently held set of “benchmarks”.

‘It is not enough to merely measure where you are now, you require a focused action plan and roadmap to enable your organisation to move to a higher level of maturity and thereby demonstrate “more effective project delivery”‘ (Sue Vowler).

What Maturity Models are available?

APMG Registered Consultants can provide assessment against the following Maturity Models: