What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments) is the number one project management methodology in the world.

PRINCE2 is a public domain methodology, which means that the organisation does not have to pay a licence fee should they wish to use PRINCE2 within their organisation.

Why use PRINCE2?

The method was originally developed from PROMPTII, a project management method created by Simpact Systems Ltd in 1975. PROMPTII was adopted by the Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) in 1979 as the standard to be used by all government information systems projects. PRINCE superseded PROMPTII in 1989 within Government projects. PRINCE2 takes all the simple and obvious lessons learned by thousands of professionals in the past 20-odd years and presents them in a checklist for present clients, managers and their teams.

Who own PRINCE2?

OGC (Office of Government Commerce), formerly CCTA, own the methodology. The APM Group (APMG) is the Certification Body and is responsible for the running of examinations and accreditation of training organisations (ATOs), trainers and consultants.

APMG have received UKAS accreditation in accordance with EN45011 and EN45013 for our certification activities of Practitioners, ATO’s, Trainers and Consultants.

What is the structure of the PRINCE2 Examinations?

There are two examinations. Firstly the Foundation examination is a one hour long, 75 question, multiple choice paper. Once this examination has been taken and passed you may then take the Practitioner examination to become a Registered Practitioner. This is a three hour long examination with three case scenario based questions. There are a total of 150 marks on offer and you must score 75 to pass. This examination is open-book which means you are allowed to bring into the examination room any notes or reference material you wish.

How do I go about taking the PRINCE2 Examinations?

In order to obtain the PRINCE2 Foundation and Registered Practitioner qualifications you can either attend a training course provided by a PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) or through self-study based on the PRINCE2 Manual and attending an Open Exam Centre to complete the exam.

How do I go about taking the PRINCE2 Examinations via an ATO (Accredited Training Organisation)?

You will need to contact the individual organisations for details of fees and formats. APMG does not hold information on the ATOs individual courses but we ensure the training provided by the ATOs meet APMG’s required standards in accordance with EN45011.

How do I go about taking the PRINCE2 Examinations at the Open Centre?

Exams are run in Milton Keynes on a monthly basis and York and Winsford once every two months. We do not provide training, just exams only. . Lee will advise you of current availability and send you an application form.

How can I take the PRINCE2 Examination Outside of the UK?

APMG also has offices in The Netherlands through PRINCE Benelux and Australia through PRINCE Australia.

Through PRINCE Benelux, we offer Accreditation, Examinations and the opportunity to purchase core guidance on PRINCE2.

Through PRINCE Australia, we offer Accreditation, Examinations and the opportunity to purchase core guidance on PRINCE2.

Individual ATOs offer courses all over the world. In addition to ATOs in the UK, The Netherlands and Australia, there are also ATO’s in United Arab Emirates, Denmark and South Africa.

If you would like to take the PRINCE Open Examinations outside of the UK, The Netherlands and Australia, arrangements have been made with the following countries to administer and invigilate examinations:-

South Africa
Hong Kong
Saudia Arabia
New Zealand